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The 'Yoswit' Smart Wall Switch Instantly Adds Automation

Designed to replace your existing light switches, the 'Yoswit' smart wall switch instantly adds connectivity and automation without having to perform hard installations. Taking just a few minutes to install, the 'Yoswit' switch instantly goes to work to add mobile connectivity and enable users to smarten up their space without having to perform costly upgrades.

The market is being flooded with a number of different smart items for the home with many of them requiring installation and a hub in order to operate as intended. The 'Yoswit,' however, takes a different approach with a Mobile-As-Hub design that makes use of a spare phone or tablet to use as the gateway to help save users time and money.

The 'Yoswit' smart wall switches can be fully implemented into the home with a number of different features and can even be set to operate in an automated fashion for convenience.

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