The Simplest Smart System

No Hub

No Hub

No hub or gateway is needed. All devices can be direct controlled on your smartphone without an expensive hub.

No Rewiring

No Rewiring

Supports both with or without neutral wire. Yoswit fits your existing wall switch wiring system and socket.

No Setup

No Setup

Any eletrician can install the Yoswit wall switch. You don't need any IT specialist to setup the IP, cloud or routing.

No Pairing

No Pairing

All devices will automatically connect with your smartphone when you open Bluetooth and the Yoswit APP.

  • Control

  • Monitoring

  • Savings

Connected Platform

All Features

Yoswit specializes in R&D and manufacture of premium Bluetooth Smart Wall Switches. Every product utilizes BLE as the wireless connection to the on board processor, real time clocks, memory and more. You don’t need to do any pairing, setup or configuring routers.

App Preview

Voice Control


Mesh-like Network


Remote Control


Room and Scenes


Away Detection


Schedule Timers


Password Protection




Mob-Mob Hub

Specialized in Smart Light Switches

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