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Product Introduction: Yoswit Switches, Not Only A Light Switch, But A Remote Smart Companion at Home

January 17, 2017 by Hao Yu Yi 

Yoswit, an innovative technology designer and supplier, has embarked on a crowdfunding drive for its newly invented smart switches at home with the aim to get rid of all the troubles for installation and setup.

What is special about Yoswit light switches is that users do not need to have trouble installing them with a lot of effort, energy and money. So long as there is existing wiring, users can take advantage of the Yoswit smart device to integrate with other devices without an extra functional hub, which saves not only money but also hassle.

Yoswit smart switches can comply with different ambiances and meet all sorts of needs for each room since the four most common power sockets (AC 100-240V) and different lighting choices for different purposes are provided. As well, Yoswit smart switches can take place of common cooker switches while remotely controlling a variety of home devices with 23 Yoswit switch colors.

Bluetooth is the product’s main highlight, and Yoswit has remodeled its original product to better conform with smart homes via the Bluetooth technology. Through a smart app, users can use their products easily and reliably whether they are stationary or on-the-go because the Yoswit switches are steady and energy-saving.

By using the products and its remote control app, users can rest assured that all the home powers are turned off accordingly. Through the Yoswit products as well as the unique app, all ranges of home devices can become smart and convenient at the same time.

  • Satisfy all sorts of needs for each room at home through the four most common power sockets (AC 100-240V)
  • Remotely controlling a variety of home devices .
  • Combine with remote control app
  • Connected via Bluetooth technology
  • Function as a portable phone battery charger
  • 23 colors with stylish look

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