Media - 2017010202 - Yoswit, los interruptores inteligentes que funcionan con Bluetooth

The switches connected to a local network are an essential element of any intelligent home that boasts of being one. Usually these are elements that communicate through a WiFi network in the background, although there are exceptions such as Yoswit, a model that works using Bluetooth links.

We are facing a series of switches in different formats, colors and focused on various uses (for example there is a model for normal lights, another to regulate the intensity, another to move the curtains, open the door, etc.) that we can directly handle from the mobile and they do not need a router or local network.

Neither do they require a central hub or element that picks up the signals of all the connected switches, since they can function as a network in the form of a mesh, each element becoming a node capable of expanding the coverage and thus extend control throughout the house exceeding the initial range of a single Bluetooth link.

Through the application for smartphones we can use the switches as if it were a remote control. The system, just open the app, is responsible for detecting and identifying all that we have installed at home (up to a maximum of 64) showing them on the screen to use them directly from the interface.

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