News - 2016082602 - An Amazon Echo Rival? FCC Leaks Snapshots of Samsung’s Speaker Gadget

South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung is set to release a newfangled device that will reportedly rival the hot-selling Echo, a voice-enabled wireless speaker developed by
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) disclosed a teaser earlier this week detailing a mysterious device from Samsung that appears to be an aptly-named Bluetooth speaker called Scoop – with a designated model number as EO-SG510.
Thanks to the FCC database, snapshots of the tested device, including a Quick Start Guide and its internal components were disclosed for public view under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA.) See OET Exhibits List 
From the look of it, the Scoop is relatively small and compact – 10 centimeters in diameter – suggesting that it's been built for portability (not to mention that it also comes with a strap.) 

A side view of the Scoop.

On the side, we can clearly see that it features a power button, panel cover housing a USB plug, audio jack, and microphone, suggesting that it is capable of two-way communication.
Prior to this disclosure, there were already rumors speculating that Samsung plans to develop a similar device that competes directly with Amazon Echo.
However, the South Korean firm has yet to publicize the Scoop as their voice-enabled wireless speaker. So far, all we can say is that it’s just another Bluetooth-enabled speaker. But whatever it turns out to be, the Echo will nevertheless remain a tough nut to crack for Samsung.

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