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How to create ambient lighting in your home
We often take the lighting in our homes for granted, making do with bog-standard lights in every room. But your home should be your palace, so every aspect should be spot on, from the décor right through to the lighting. So, how can you create ambient lighting throughout your home?

Take note of the temperature
We’re not talking about the warmth of your house but the temperature of your lightbulbs. The temperature of bulbs is measured in degrees Kelvin, and can range from cool blue to warm yellow tones. To create ambient lighting, think about whether blue or yellow hues would fit your room better. There’s no right or wrong answer here, it’s all down to personal preference. 

Go natural
If you live in a bright and airy home, make use of the natural light that floods in. This is particularly important in rooms that are used mainly in the daytime. Considering the light from outdoors is a great starting point when arranging the lighting throughout your home. 
Think about placement
If you have lots of table or floor lamps, think about where these are best placed in each room. Putting them in the corners can give nice shadow effects and bring added ambience to the space. Alternatively, why noty experiment with strings of lights for a more whimsical effect? Putting strings around your fireplace or any mirrors you have can give the room an instantly magical feel. 

Consider textures
These days, the options for light shades are endless. Fabric lampshades are the best way to get a soft, romantic look in a bedroom or cosy living area. Lighter fabrics will spread the bulb’s glow better than darker ones, so take this into account when picking out your perfect shade. Minimalistic bulbs with no shade to speak of will give you a brighter, more vibrant light, but you can play around with placement to make things more ambient. 

Use a dimmer 
Dimming your lights takes little effort, but it’s an instant way to get ambient lighting throughout your home, or just in certain rooms to set the appropriate mood. 
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