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Blogs - 2016112801 - Working on the Crowdfunding Campaigns

We've spent over 3 years to develop the Yoswit product. We are glad that we have technology breakthrough to build our propriety mesh network and our patent-pending 2-wire 3-wire compatible wall switch.

Our full team is getting ready for the new challenge for the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns!

Blogs - 2016112901 - The guide to picking out your smart home tech
The guide to picking out your smart home tech
Technology advances at a rapid pace, and more and more innovations are springing up that make life around the home easier. But with so much on offer on the market, finding the right tech for you can be a challenge. So, we’ve put together a helpful guide, putting forward some questions you should ask yourself before investing in any new additions. 
PR - 2016112901 - Crowdfunding Campaign Launches Reinvented Smart Wall Switch

The suppliers of an innovative smart home switch solution will launch a Kickstarter campaign on 6 December, giving investors and consumers a chance to benefit from the exciting new technology. Yoswit’s latest home gadget is the next step in remote home technology. The switch was designed to fit seamlessly into homes without the usual associated hassle of replacing traditional wall switches with smart tech, and is compatible with both 2-wire (without neutral wire) and 3-wire (with neutral wire) set ups.

Blogs - 2016112904 - How to keep your house safe
How to keep your home safe while you’re away
When taking a trip away from home, your excitement can sometimes be blighted by worries about the safety and security of your property. But, particularly with smart home technology becoming more common, there’s no need for you to feel anxious about your home while you’re away. Try these handy dos and don’ts for the next time you take a trip out of town. 
Blogs - 2016112903 - How smart homes make life easier
4 ways a smart home can make your life easier
Through the ages, humans have looked for new ways to make life easier. From cars to computers, new technology has improved the way we live on a day-to-day basis with additional conveniences that run from the mundane to the truly luxurious. Now, smart home technologies are improving how are homes are run, making life even easier. Here are just some of the ways that smart home technology is improving things for homeowners around the world. 

Blogs - 2016112902 - How to create ambient lighting
How to create ambient lighting in your home
We often take the lighting in our homes for granted, making do with bog-standard lights in every room. But your home should be your palace, so every aspect should be spot on, from the décor right through to the lighting. So, how can you create ambient lighting throughout your home?
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